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"New faces, new voices," said Bush. "It goes to show I'm willing to reach across certain demographic lines."
-- campaign 2000
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Literally gut-bustingly funny, and beautifully shot in the new film-like 24p digital video format, The Making of 'Invasion of the Freedom Snatchers'  is an all star documentary that follows the rise and fall of Tommy and Kerry Stoner, two well meaning but naive movie-obsessed southern brothers who work as electricians at a San Francisco video store but dream of being mega-indie S.F. bay area film-makers in the tradition of Coppola and Lucas.   Built around footage taken at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival and the 2003 US Comedy Arts Festival, the feature examines the massive hype surrounding the pitch for the Stoner brothers' first feature film which was created when the boys had only an idea and promotional "swag" merchandise, as they had not bothered to write a script.

Their movie idea, titled Invasion of the Freedom Snatchers  is a contemporary political sci-fi epic about evil aliens from outer space who disguise themselves as wealthy CEO's and steal the US presidential election, buying their way into the white house and snatching away our freedoms.

After a chance meeting with Jim Hanks who half-jokingly agrees to play the lead role, they journey by train across the rockies and the desert to Park City, Utah to the Sundance Film Festival, with a documentary film crew now obtrusively following them day and night. At the festival they pitch the idea to stars, directors and producers, explore the world of indie film, party to great excess, and catch the attention of agents and executives. They also participate in a peace protest and a quest to an island of free ranging buffalo in the Great Salt Lake and find the soul of America along the way.

Their idea is an instant hit and the swag and documentary film crew creates such a buzz at the celebrity hungry festival that the boys go from naive and star struck rubes to big time dealmakers drunk on their own celebrity in a week's time. They return to California as Hollywood's latest overnight golden boys purely through the magic of hype, but they are in for more surprises because their adventure has only begun...

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